What Is doTERRA essential Blends Oil?

doTERRA essential oil are combinations of essential oils used for massage and in aromatherapy. By blending two or more oils, it is possible to achieve a scent that can help promote a specific reaction, such as easing tension or enhancing mood. It is possible to buy blended oil or to purchase single oils and combine them at home.

One of the basic concepts of aromatherapy is that scents have healing properties that can stimulate the production of various chemicals in the brain. Each essential oil gathered from nature is understood to produce some type of positive effect on the mind and the body. By combining one or more of these oils into a measured blend, it is possible to enhance the effect of the oil therapy and bring the individual more relief from whatever ailment he or she is dealing with.

Many people prefer to use blended oil products that are professionally prepared. One of the reasons for this is consistent quality of the product. Since the amounts used of each oil in the blend are the same every time, it is reasonable to expect the product will have the same aroma with each new vial or bottle of oil.