Project Description

touch the switch once: light+ humidifier function
Twice:turn light off
Thrice:turn humidifier off
Power: 2W
Voltage: DC-5V
Powered by USB
Covering area: 5 sq.ft.of personal space
Capacity: 180ML
Amount of water spray mist:40mL/H
4hour automatic power-off protection

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Bottle Humidifier – Personal Travel USB Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier with LED Light- 180ml perfect for Baby, Office, Room, Spa, Etc

 Bottle Humidifier Product Description

Mini USB Ultrasonic cool mist Bottle Humidifier enable you to breath easier in a variety of
Whether you are working in your office or study, driving in your car or trying to get a
sweet dream in bedroom.

Mini Room Air Purifier Benefits:
1. Provides a consistent stream of water vapor that makes the air in your room fresh.
2. Helps or alleviates dry skin、eyes and nasal passages.
3. Offers various options to plug into a AC/DC outlet or a computer with the USB cable
and adapter.
4.It’s small enough to easily fit in your luggage or handbag, Anson Travel Humidifier
is perfect for living room,
cars, office, baby room or outside travel.

Easy To Use:
Fill the bottom full with water.put the humidifier cap back on the bottom.
Wait for a couple minutes for the filter sticks get soak.
Plug the humidifier into the USB cable & the USB cable into a USB port

1. Before turning on the humidifier, whatever it is the first use or not used for a
long time, it’s very important
to make sure the filter wick is wet through.
2. Replace the filter wick every 3 months.
3.Every 2 weeks.clean the nozzle of the humidfier with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar
to remove dirt & minerals.

The Mini Portable Humidifier by ANSON is built with durability and is super simple to