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CYX-200A 200ML Spa Diffuser

CYX-200A 200ML Spa Diffuser

Spa Diffuser

Our Spa Diffuser is made of high density environmental PP material, safe non-toxic, corrosion resistant. Pure plant essence can be instilled to keep you enjoying the fragrance of the essential oils, tasting noble SPA life with aromatherapy.And also it will really help with sinus, allergy and bronchial issues,especially in the winter.

Output:up to 35ml/h. This diffuser provides more mist, applicable for small or medium-sized room like a bedroom, dining room,especially when it is air-conditioned or air is dry in winter.

Low-Water Level Protection
The first diffuser in which safety protection is achieved through the control of water level, preventing electric shock, dry-boiling, ensuring safety, increasing the service life of the machine, energy efficient and peace of mind, especially at night.

The Noise less than 30dB,whisper-quiet ultrasonic vibrations per second, it releases tiny water particles and ionizes the essential oils into the air and it does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients,no secondary pollution and Safer.

Working Time:6 Hours
Mist Timer Intervals:1 /2 / 3h /ON Mist Amount:35ml/h
Noise Level:less than 30dB
Most Advanced Ultrasonic Technology:2.4MHZ
Input Power: AC100-240V DC24V/650mA

Package Contents:
1 x Diffuser
1 x Wall Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Measuring Cup

Note:Oil is not included in the package.
Please add water below the Max line. If too much water, the mist will be small.