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our aroma diffusers have several advantage than others

Compare with the traditional humidifier, our aroma diffusers have several advantage. Aroma diffusers’ way of heating, burning warm mist, and second, the cold mist didn’t damage any composer of the essential oil, and the aroma diffuser won’t produce second pollution to make the user safer. Add different kind of smell of different function essential oil in the aroma diffusers, it will make you a chance to relax your mental and psychology and experienced special quality of

CYX-205 water drop humidifier

CYX-205 water drop humidifier

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Aroma diffusers make your skin healthier

This aroma diffusers is a type of without burning, heatless and retains 100% essential oil ingredient product, the aroma diffuser not only make you healthier, but protect the environment as well. The aroma diffusers adopt original design, and combine the Eastern and Western Culture together with modern technology, use the ultrasonic function to spray the water and plant aroma essential oil to be 1~5um Ultrafine particles. At the same time aroma diffuser will produce lots of Anion, it can by absorb by people easily, and it can greatly take effect the aromatherapy, help you relax out of the large pressure, keep you nerves healthy, and moisturizing your skin.

usb-005 usb humidifier

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Aroma Diffuser Give you another kind of feel

This aroma diffusers’ water capacity up to 400ml, it is equate a bottle of mineral water, big capacity can solve your trouble that everyday to add water into the water tank, this aroma diffuser is simple and practical, offer you a sense of nature, it’s the best choice for you living

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