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fake wood diffuser

3009 aroma diffuser

HEPA Sterilization remove PM2.5 home air cleaner Purifier-K01

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European Wearable Home Room Hepa Filter Portable Air Purifier

Product Name Newest Air Purifier Model A3A CADR 200m³/h Application Area 20-25 square meter Noise 30-65dB Negative Ions 20 million/cm³ PM2.5 99.99% Color White or custom Product Dimension H510*W325*D172 Chassis Material ABS cover Surface [...]

PM2.5 Display Air Fresh Home Air Purifier With Hepa Filter-K06A

Type : Air Purifier+Ionizer Design(2 in 1) Model : K06A Noise : 17.4dB PM2.5 : Remove 99.9% Sensor : Odor Sensor Housing Product Size :330x180x505mm Negative anion releasing :5x107/ cm3 Filter Cold -catalyst/Activated carbon filter/Antibacterial and antiviral non-woven filter/High-efficient HEPA filter Delivery Detail 15-35 [...]

100ML White Plastic Aroma Diffuser

Model No.:1503S Size: D89mm*H145mm Voltage :AC100-240V/DC24V 500mA. Capacity:100ml. Ultrasonic frequency :2.4 MHz Power: 8-10W Max Time:3-5hours Mist Output:25-30ml./hour Intermittent spray : 30 second on 30 second off Weight:0.24KG Raw material :PP, ABS LED: 3pcs colourful [...]

Dual Port Car Air Purifier

Dual Port Car Air Purifier Dual Port Car Air Purifier Model No.: 6291 Voltage:12V/DC output Voltage:5V/2.1A Power:≤0.8W Product Size:35*35*105MM Product Weight:40g Ion concentration:5600000pcs/cm³ Ozone concentration:≤0.05ppm Suitable range:<15m³   Model #6291 can kill Staphylococcus aureus, [...]

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